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MMA | Mixed Martial Arts & Self Defense Training

Bully Me Now MMA is a mixed martial arts/self defense program designed for children - teens ages 4-17. Our programs include a mix of martial arts such as Muay Thai and kickboxing, Savate, Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Designed for Excellence.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are some of the best in the world. Excelling at thier respective disciplines, they offer invaluable training to students.

Bully Defense

We are here to prevent the possible bullying scenario by providing students with the tools necessary to safely defend themselves.

Fun Learning Environment

We make training fun and exciting. By breaking down the fundamentals, students retain and understand the information quicker.

Mental Discipline

We teach discipline in martial arts to develop the mental strength required to know when to defend yourself and when to walk.


 As a child who has experienced bullying from a young age I found a love in martial arts. A confidence in which I could only inquire and achieve with more and more knowledge. I hold belts in many types of martial arts such as Brazilian and Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do, I also hold certifications in catch wrestling, Savate Thai cross kickboxing, American kickboxing and submission wrestling. I have traveled throughout the states and made my way to some of the best trainers and fighters in the country training all of the above martial arts and many more such as Muay Thai, Kata and Capoeira. From these top coaches, fighters and trainers I was able to take from each sport and create what I believe to be one of the best self defense technique programs out there. Unfortunately in my life I have come across some situations in which some of what I teach and now has been put to test, not just on a mat but in real life. Some things you can not walk away from. But to know some things I have to walk away from because I chose not to inflict pain on someone is the confidence I preach. Knowledge is power. Confidence is key!

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Our Classes

Bully Me Now offers multi-level classes that will guide students through the fundamentals of martial arts and self defense.

Level 1: Kickboxing | Stand-up

Our level 1 Kickboxing/ Stand-up course is bringing your child back to the basics of kickboxing and stand up self defense. Your child will learn proper form for punches, kicks, knees, blocks, foot movement and simple self defense techniques that your child may encounter in a possible real life situation.

Level 2: Kickboxing | Stand-up

After your child has become comfortable with the basics of our level 1 kickboxing program our level 2 course will put them to the test. We add endless combinations of all of the basic movements learned throughout our first course. We add partner drills to this course that are much more fast paced Which will simulate a real life scenario.

Level 1: Grappling & Ground Control

Coach Vic will instruct the children on take-downs, ground control, positioning and basic submissions. Where we differ from traditional Jiu Jitsu in being a self defense program as well, we like to stay off our backs. When instructing ground control/ defense/ offense your child will learn how to stay calm in any situation.

Level 2: Grappling & Ground Control

Coach Vic really has fun with the kids in the sport of grappling. He puts together some of the best moves in martial arts that he has learned over the years and is still learning today. At this point your children will be comfortable with the basics of grappling and will go on to learn much more technical take downs, positions and submissions.

MMA | Self Defense

This class of for our more advanced student. This is where we have taken from all of the martial arts and put a program together that truly works. We will piece together boxing, kickboxing, and all of the grappling, submission wrestling, positions and movements.

Anti-bullying |
Self Defense

We will refer to this class as AB1 so not to discourage your child or make them feel uncomfortable in any way. After dealing with bullies most his life Coach Vic is able to make it fun for your child to learn very specific anti bullying self defense techniques as well as making them feel confident in themselves and more comfortable in group settings. 

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Children's Fitness


Victor received his certification in children's fitness. Here at Bully Me Now we provide a health conscious environment. All of our classes we have incorporated a few minutes of safe fitness related exercises to keep your child in the best shape possible. If your child is into a specific sport other than martial arts we can provide fitness related movements that will benefit him or her is the sport they are involved in as well!

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